Monday, December 31, 2012

have a happy new year!!

Hello 2013!!
cheers to a healthy + happy year.
everyone be safe, and have some fun :)

Taylor Sue

beach quickie!

we took a quick trip to the beach
in a van.....
these are some moments captured.

van life.
we're getting our own soon.
its, like, happening.
home sweet van.

oh ya, and the waves rocked.

toot a freaking loo,
Taylor Sue

Sunday, December 30, 2012

crazy...or cool ?!

so this one time, we went to the beach...

are we crazy, or cool?
i say we're a bit o' both...crazool. 

i'll post about a 100 pictures
tomorrow...whew, stay tuned.

Taylor Sue

fa la la la la!

i dont know about you, but...
christmas is my favorite time of year.
look at that picture of my sister, that is what its all about!!! pure excitement.
i love giving gifts so much, its like my thing, i get really giddy about it.
and i love all the special faces i get to see, for many days in a row :)
hope yours was merry in many many ways.
happy holidays everyone, love big.
Taylor Sue.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

right now...

im jammin' to amy winehouse.
christmas time is so special to me
especially with this kid around.
hope yours was merry. xo.
be back soon with lotsa 
christmas pictures.
Taylor Sue 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

who da thunk?!

last night i tagged along
with my love to the
skatepark and the river.
and there was wifi!
who da thunk, right??
i was extra happy...
blaring some tunes and
catching up on some
favorite blogs. yay.

and while we're at it...
everyone be safe and merry.

also, go ahead and take 40% off in
my etsy shop. SHOP HERE.
just enter the code merrymerry
at checkout. 

toot a freaking loo...
Taylor Sue