Tuesday, April 30, 2013

26! nica style...

for the big 26 we took a lil day trip to the closest city, leon.
it was lotsa fun, but suuupper hot. and immediately after getting out
of the car i stepped in an open storm drain...got all bloody and stuff. go me
but that's nothing a little street shopping, ice cream, pizza and margarita cant fix!

it was a great day, and if i didn't already feel special enough...
back at the hotel i was surprised with a birthday cake :)
{compliments of pssr's cute lil chef...and his grandma awwww!!}
 nicaragua, you rock.

thank you! stefan for the amazing trip, you're the best birthday present. ever.
cheers 26...i have a feeling you're gonna be wonderful.

toot a looooooooooooo.
Taylor Sue

~ one more post coming. 
hint...it involves hiking.
 another hint...we suck at hiking ~ 

Monday, April 29, 2013

~a great stay~

>>> puerto sandino surf resort <<<

this place was perfect. 
if you ever go, stay here.
great people, yummy food, amazing view.

i did a lot of laying out, drinking, reading, eating, and videoing.
it was awesome, and super relaxing.
the boys on the other hand, were catching huge..massive...scary waves.
so, we were both very happy.

be back soon y'all.
Taylor Sue

ps. the lobster down the road was to die for...
pps. "turdy the turtle" was a huge success, and now has a great home.

Sunday, April 28, 2013


 doesn't nicaragua look....wonderrrrful??

we stayed in puerto sandino ~ the middle of nowhere.
i love traveling and seeing new faces + experiencing different cultures.
it's so awesome to see how other people live, and there... so simply.
we really enjoy being cut off from real life for a bit.
even if it involves zero hot water and upset stomaches, ill take it.

we both fell in love with this place, and plan to go back!
it was definitely a great sunny, salty + sandy place to turn 26.

more and moreeee pictures to come...
~birthday day, volcano lake, and some pssr lovin~

Taylor Sue

ps. stefan's face is ok...damn big waves.
pps. i didn't do much surfing...damn big waves.