Tuesday, April 30, 2013

26! nica style...

for the big 26 we took a lil day trip to the closest city, leon.
it was lotsa fun, but suuupper hot. and immediately after getting out
of the car i stepped in an open storm drain...got all bloody and stuff. go me
but that's nothing a little street shopping, ice cream, pizza and margarita cant fix!

it was a great day, and if i didn't already feel special enough...
back at the hotel i was surprised with a birthday cake :)
{compliments of pssr's cute lil chef...and his grandma awwww!!}
 nicaragua, you rock.

thank you! stefan for the amazing trip, you're the best birthday present. ever.
cheers 26...i have a feeling you're gonna be wonderful.

toot a looooooooooooo.
Taylor Sue

~ one more post coming. 
hint...it involves hiking.
 another hint...we suck at hiking ~ 

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