Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Dayyyy.

yesterday i hung out with some friends...on the lake.
and there was a blooooobbbb. yep, a blob. 
it was set up last year too, that thing never gets old.
i decided i'd rather not smack my i just
watched people fly through the air instead {which is way more fun}

and then today...we ate some tacos {big surprise}, got
some goods from the "fruits n veggie guy" on the side of the road, 
held hands {i love hand photos}, set up a double hammock {!} 
and then went to see's a movie and it's awesome, check it out
twas a great memorial day weekend, lots of love to all who have
fought for our freedom...and happy summer y'all !!!

toot a lootle!
Taylor Sue

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