Thursday, May 2, 2013

+ volcano lake +

let me start by saying...we really suck at hiking.
and this outing quickly turned into a hike.
in the hot hot nicaragua sun.
destination >>> a beautiful volcano lake...
but still, a freaky deaky hike.

as you can see...we {i} had some trouble, but we {i} ended on a good note!
{ after all...we did witness a glorious volcano lake, and the other dudes are the ones 
that carried the heavy cooler of booze, we just had a inflatable turtle and a lil knapsack }

YES, it was awesome.
MAYBE, i would do it again. trooper.

:) :) :)

this is the last of it peeps, all out of pics.
what a great trip!

i wonder, what's next?!

Taylor Sue

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