Sunday, June 23, 2013


this weekend two of my favorite girls stayed with me on the lake!
girl power.
we spent most of the day in the sun getting nice and crisp...ate some 
terribly awesome food, and then went out on the town.
i needed this weekend so bad, love y'all.

till next time...
Taylor Sue

Joey & Zooey...

joey, is my cool daddio.
and zooey, is a quirky famous lady.
1.) we celebrated fathers day a day early with bbq and my grandparents....
2.) the next day we had an austin adventure and saw a she & him concert. 
w.a.y. f.u.n.
my daddy rocks,
and so does zooey {and m.ward}
twas a grand weekend.

Taylor Sue

Monday, June 3, 2013


here are some memories from our trip to port aransas this past weekend !
we stayed in a super luxurious rv close to the beach.
we also had a golf cart to drive around as we pleased...
who knew those things were so awesome??!

there was lots'a sunshine, a random storm and some good waves.
and it was super salty n sandy as usual...we'll be back soon.

Taylor Sue

ps. isn't that little "buttercup" on the beach the cutest?!!