Saturday, November 30, 2013

feelin' jolly.

the first signs of christmas are up!
i don't think the decorating usually happens this fast for me…
but with my new plant obsession it was kind of meant to be.
it smells fantastic too.

hope you're having fun getting in the spirit too ~ tis the season.

Taylor Sue

Monday, November 25, 2013


yesterday we ran around town. 
breakfast, heb, 2tarts, attempt at a movie, a quick trip to target, by a friends, and back home for dinner. 
we didn't do anything special, but it was a nice lil' day because we got to spend it together. 
and omg, was it cold! up north people ~ i'm only talking like 37 degrees. 
call me a baby, but dannng that's cold for us texans!! 
i couldn't warm up, so talk about me never owning a "proper" jacket came up. 
this is true. so we stopped by good ol' target and i found a gem. 
...hopefully i'll be a bit warmer soon. 

speaking of cold…stefan is surfing the texas waves right now!!
holy cold batman. 

Taylor Sue

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Christmas Wishin'

here are a few goodies from my christmas wish list…

1~a handmade ring from etsy with his birthstone. 2~lissie record. 3~this skull to decorate. 
4~a hair product recommended by bleubird. 5~some metal tulip chairs for down by the water. 
6~"penny talk" polish. 7~alexa chung book. 8~lana del rey record. 9~a handmade necklace 
from etsy with our initials on it.

i freaking love the holidays. i'm already pretty far into my list for all my loved
ones too! go me. i try to put a lot of thought into gifts for others…i get really giddy 
about it. eeeek… i still feel like a kid on christmas, i hope that never changes!

thanksgiving is right around the corner, everyone have a great day and
give THANKS...and love big.

Taylor Sue

chair problems...

so, the first obvious problem is that i love chairs. i already have too many.
and this one spot in the house…has a chair…but could use a better chair.
i'm a chair hoarder.

chair #1 is around $170, and awesome.
#2 is probably my fav, but i can't find a reasonable price.
#3 is a bit funky, which i like…and it's around $150.

your thoughts?!

i need to thrift a bit before making a decision…
normally i wouldn't spend more than $50.
so, i must make sure i'm in love.

Taylor Sue

Friday, November 22, 2013

:::willie nelson:::

we saw him again, and he's still rocking it. at 80!
this time he played at gruene hall with his fam ~ and it was the perfect setting.

i got some crazy hair going, and wore the same shirt as last time.
it was pretty chill...we sat on a pool table, drank a few beers and sang along.
i tried my best to get decent pictures, but there were some ladies standing 
in front of yea…i saw their butts a lot more than mr.nelson.
but whatever, it still rocked!

 hopefully this wasn't the last time we see willie…
i'm counting on a concert #3 !!

ps. i really hope i'm still moving and grooving at that age. wow.

Taylor Sue

Sunday, November 17, 2013

the wurst time of the year...

wurstfest = a 10 day salute to sausage.
and once again…this sausage fest was over priced, but full o' fun !!

one pitcher of beer {$17}, one funnel cake, 2 pork chops on a stick, some 
fried sauerkraut balls, plus wings with more sauerkraut, and some time with friends…
and there's our dose of german for the year !!

until next time…
Taylor Sue

Thursday, November 14, 2013

W I L L I E.

we are seein' this dude again….on sunday!!!
so excited.

Taylor Sue

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

plaid partay.

these pics are from last week when it got just below 60 degrees.
{there was...a park, puppy, picnic, and playground}

this was the first time it felt like fall. we were a bit chilly in our shorts!
and today…we're back at it. think the low tonight is 34. eeeeek.

the good news is that someone i know is kinda over his flannels...
so that means, i'm kind of really into them.
they're gonna be my uniform these colder months for sure.
and yesterday i found a small green house for all my plant babies.
so me and the green are staying warm!!

i've been seeing some pictures of snow from other parts of this world,
and i'm so glad texas doesn't roll like that. i'm a total cold weather wimp.
stay cozy friends!!

Taylor Sue

Saturday, November 9, 2013

RIP Mudcow...

so, the day before halloween we stayed at a friends house.
this was after a concert and a nice dance in the rain…see here.

well!  that nice rainstorm turned into a rude rudeee flood. 
also!  both our phones were off and we had no idea...

long story short, our family was on top of it. 
and we're on the safe/high side of the lake so all was good.

the only tragedy was we lost the mudcow!!! 
just a lil old canoe, with sentimental value galore.
RIP you sexy thang!

someone found a piece of the canoe /// and that's our lone plant survivor

our lower back yard ///  flood on left & normal on right

tree branch & lights during flood /// tree branch normal on right
i'm guessing it came up 8-10 feet {towards the house and over head}
it's crazy how much can happen in 1 night!
we definitely were lucky, others were not.

this is a view looking up at the house. the red line is the highest
the water has ever gotten {i think}
growing up on a lake….i've seen much much worse. and i'm so
glad that doesn't have to be a huge fear of ours at this house.

end of story…
mother nature is a crazy biaaatch.
and we'll need a new watermobile.

Taylor Sue

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween 13

 hope everyone had a safe + fun halloween!!
 we went to a desaparecidos concert in austin with some friends.
me & stefan dressed up as arthur & trillian from the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.
if you haven't seen that movie, jump on it.
we also found ourselves playing in the rain later that night…way fun.
the dogs got their trick or treat on too, dog gone cute!!!
i can't believe thanksgiving…and christmas are so close!!
Taylor Sue