Saturday, November 23, 2013

chair problems...

so, the first obvious problem is that i love chairs. i already have too many.
and this one spot in the house…has a chair…but could use a better chair.
i'm a chair hoarder.

chair #1 is around $170, and awesome.
#2 is probably my fav, but i can't find a reasonable price.
#3 is a bit funky, which i like…and it's around $150.

your thoughts?!

i need to thrift a bit before making a decision…
normally i wouldn't spend more than $50.
so, i must make sure i'm in love.

Taylor Sue


  1. Def go thrift in…. I bet you could find something even better for less! Its just hard to find things WHEN we want too. You and me and our chair probs.

  2. @PPP…you're totally right. i just need to be patient. so hard tho!