Saturday, November 23, 2013

Christmas Wishin'

here are a few goodies from my christmas wish list…

1~a handmade ring from etsy with his birthstone. 2~lissie record. 3~this skull to decorate. 
4~a hair product recommended by bleubird. 5~some metal tulip chairs for down by the water. 
6~"penny talk" polish. 7~alexa chung book. 8~lana del rey record. 9~a handmade necklace 
from etsy with our initials on it.

i freaking love the holidays. i'm already pretty far into my list for all my loved
ones too! go me. i try to put a lot of thought into gifts for others…i get really giddy 
about it. eeeek… i still feel like a kid on christmas, i hope that never changes!

thanksgiving is right around the corner, everyone have a great day and
give THANKS...and love big.

Taylor Sue

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