Tuesday, November 12, 2013

plaid partay.

these pics are from last week when it got just below 60 degrees.
{there was...a park, puppy, picnic, and playground}

this was the first time it felt like fall. we were a bit chilly in our shorts!
and today…we're back at it. think the low tonight is 34. eeeeek.

the good news is that someone i know is kinda over his flannels...
so that means, i'm kind of really into them.
they're gonna be my uniform these colder months for sure.
and yesterday i found a small green house for all my plant babies.
so me and the green are staying warm!!

i've been seeing some pictures of snow from other parts of this world,
and i'm so glad texas doesn't roll like that. i'm a total cold weather wimp.
stay cozy friends!!

Taylor Sue

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