Saturday, November 9, 2013

RIP Mudcow...

so, the day before halloween we stayed at a friends house.
this was after a concert and a nice dance in the rain…see here.

well!  that nice rainstorm turned into a rude rudeee flood. 
also!  both our phones were off and we had no idea...

long story short, our family was on top of it. 
and we're on the safe/high side of the lake so all was good.

the only tragedy was we lost the mudcow!!! 
just a lil old canoe, with sentimental value galore.
RIP you sexy thang!

someone found a piece of the canoe /// and that's our lone plant survivor

our lower back yard ///  flood on left & normal on right

tree branch & lights during flood /// tree branch normal on right
i'm guessing it came up 8-10 feet {towards the house and over head}
it's crazy how much can happen in 1 night!
we definitely were lucky, others were not.

this is a view looking up at the house. the red line is the highest
the water has ever gotten {i think}
growing up on a lake….i've seen much much worse. and i'm so
glad that doesn't have to be a huge fear of ours at this house.

end of story…
mother nature is a crazy biaaatch.
and we'll need a new watermobile.

Taylor Sue

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