Wednesday, December 18, 2013


meet my early christmas present!!
i think a name has been given…matilda.
i've been wanting a cow skull with horns for a good while,
so it's a bit "magical" {hints the name}

but~ the reason i received it early is because it was damaged on the ride here.
it was poorly packaged and the horns pierced the cardboard and one broke off…
weird you might say? i think yes. it looks as if the horns have been plastered on
and aren't original to the skull, which definitely wasn't mentioned in the description.
 it's completely obvious when you look on the inside. i will make this baby look awesome, 
i'm just bummed it was made to look like something it really isn't. ya know? 
anyways, i'll stick to nature from now on…i just need to be more patient with her process.
for now~ matilda is going to get a floral + gold makeover and i will love her all the same.

i can't believe christmas is so close!
i hope you get everything you've wished for…


Taylor Sue

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