Thursday, January 23, 2014

A lil' Love Story + Flashback.

meet jess + trent !
these two love birds said i do this past weekend.
i went to middle school + high school with this pretty lady and
i am so happy for them and their new journey.

here are a few photos from the wedding. shauna goes way back with us too,
it's so fun and crazy to see how far we have come ~ and that we are still in touch. 
also, i was super excited to come across that velvet vintage dress i bought awhile back
and forgot about! and my date…he's so darn handsome.
and here's some fun from the bachelorette party the weekend before.
we went to austin and giggled a whooollle bunch. this 1st picture is an absolute favorite.
we took a pedi cab from west 6th to dirty 6th and it was hilarious…a highlight was
jess yelling "don't put the blanket on your face, you'll get the flu!!!" GREAT times.

now i thought it'd be fun to go way back. braces…crazy clothes and all.
we were weird, and obviously very very sexy.
flashbacks are the best ~ i am so in love with pictures!!!

jess, if you're reading this….i love you very much and i'm so happy for you.
thank you for letting me be part of the ride!

Taylor Sue

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