Tuesday, February 18, 2014

lately ///

sorry i've been a bit MIA…but i assure you not much has changed.
here are a few pics of life lately, all from good ol' instagram.
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home sweet {lake} home. i love it here.

still stuffing our face on this meal…way too often.

i wrote about matilda, the skull >>> here…she finally found a home and got a makeover. next on the list~ rearrange + add more photos to this wall!
we've been hittin' up the martini bar often…mexican, please.

i bought a new pair of boots, way on sale {$14}…and i wear them every freaking day.

lana del rey has won my heart...so has messy hair, but that's nothing new.
it was sunny, then icy, then sunny, then snowy. i guess that's nothing new either…thanks texas.
valentines day happened…and i know it's cheesy, but i'm super glad to have my fella and family to celebrate LOVE with.

what's new with you?! i'll try and be back soon…xo.

Taylor Sue

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