Sunday, March 30, 2014


never before have i been more excited about a time change! i think it's because this {texas} winter was extra cold and long. but finally, the days are longer and warmer…SPRING has SPRUNG and i'm so happy.

the normal spring things are happening…wildflowers, weddings, tank tops and shorts, margaritas, laying in the sun and outside adventures.

and speaking of weddings…there was another this weekend, and it was magical. that's 2 in the last 3 weeks! it's been extremely fun seeing so many friends back to back…i'll post pics of it all soon, and a few flashbacks~ it's great knowing people for so long!

tootles for now,
Taylor Sue

Saturday, March 22, 2014


my love just celebrated his 28th year!
a couple days before his birthday i dropped him off on a
little canoe trip with a few friends. the 2nd picture was one 
he sent me from their camp spot along the river. magical
on his actual birthday he woke to a present and a brown dog in bed. i surprised him with a bow he's been wanting.
later that night there was an amazing sunset + some red lip action…then we went out for some food and drinks! we got margaritas and chips+queso…then a wedge salad…and then some oysters. there was some more booze in there too, of course.
the last two nights we've continued the festivities with his family. sushi one night, seafood/oysters the next! a nice lil birthday week.

stefan, i know birthdays aren't your thing…but i hope you had some fun. it's definitely my favorite day of the year because it's a celebration of YOU. plus, birthdays especially make me think about how far we've come…and that's really fun!  
{my 17th birthday ~ 2004}

cheers to you, my love.  and at least 50 more!

Taylor Sue

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Birthday Boy

a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this dude. thanks for being born!

can't wait for the many more adventures to come… 

Taylor Sue

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wanna make your own?!

i mounted my own stag horn fern the other day…and it was SO easy.
i didn't take step by step pictures, but i saw this tutorial recently and it
will be really helpful if you'd like to try!!

here are some other dreamy options…
{google images}
-a random piece of recycled wood will work perfectly. i bought
a few round slivers from a local wood shop {5 for $5} your local hardware 
store should have many options too, get creative.
-there are different plant options too. the stag horn fern seems the most 
popular, but air plants would be really easy, and orchids or some type of 
ivy could work too! it just needs to be a plant that doesn't need excessive watering.

i'm glad i finally got around to trying this.
i bought this mounted plant awhile back for $18 before i considered
making my own, which only cost around $6!! i love that this is a different take
on house plants...they look really cool and unique. there are also a variety 
of planters that hang on the wall ~ if that is more your vibe. 

happy planting!! 
Taylor Sue

Monday, March 17, 2014

water is for lovers.

who doesn't love the water???! i'm not saying i wouldn't like you if you were a water hater…
but i totally wouldn't understand you, thats for sure.

the water calms me…i feel at home.  i've always felt this way.  and it just so happens my dude feels the same.

water is for lovers.

Taylor Sue

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

the evolution of an ART WALL...

this art wall of ours has been changing and growing over this past year. {YES…we just realized we've been living in this cozy lake cottage for a year, time flies! }

i had fun looking back at this walls progress, so i thought i'd share it with you guys! it's a good reminder that some projects take time, a bit of thought and a lot of love. {even though i tend to wanna make them perfect right away…and obsess until i "think" i do} it's also interesting to realize that i really loved how it started ~ so simple, and i love what it has grown into. i'm sure i'll swap things out from time to time, but it's super nice for it to feel finished and complete…for now

i'll also point out that i didn't follow any rules with this project, i just kinda stuck things where they felt right ~ and rearranged if they didn't. there are a few extra holes in the wall that maybe i could have avoided, but i had fun…yolo, riggghht? ;) i also added a few quotes and random details to the mix & i feel like they really sealed the deal. this is the favorite quote >>>

"nature is not a place to visit. it is home"
-gary snyder

do you have a wall that needs a little lovin? give this a try!
it doesn't have to be expensive!…use old frames or thrift them and repaint, bring some nature in, print from home, use scrap materials, frame kid drawings...use polaroids, go small, go big…tape flowers, hang love notes, shells.. etc etc etc. get creative, think outside the box…get to craftin', yo!

i'd like to do some sort of house tour one day…we shall see.
tootles for now,
Taylor Sue

Monday, March 10, 2014

Art Lovin…Check it out.

check out PONY GOLD and show some love.

i dont do this often, but i love to share awesome art when i come across it. i've followed her on instagram for awhile and always smile when her creations pop up. it's very nature inspired and i absolutely love the beautiful ladies she draws. { these are my favorites in her shop 1 ///// 2 }

thats all ~ just passing on some beauty.
Taylor Sue