Saturday, March 22, 2014


my love just celebrated his 28th year!
a couple days before his birthday i dropped him off on a
little canoe trip with a few friends. the 2nd picture was one 
he sent me from their camp spot along the river. magical
on his actual birthday he woke to a present and a brown dog in bed. i surprised him with a bow he's been wanting.
later that night there was an amazing sunset + some red lip action…then we went out for some food and drinks! we got margaritas and chips+queso…then a wedge salad…and then some oysters. there was some more booze in there too, of course.
the last two nights we've continued the festivities with his family. sushi one night, seafood/oysters the next! a nice lil birthday week.

stefan, i know birthdays aren't your thing…but i hope you had some fun. it's definitely my favorite day of the year because it's a celebration of YOU. plus, birthdays especially make me think about how far we've come…and that's really fun!  
{my 17th birthday ~ 2004}

cheers to you, my love.  and at least 50 more!

Taylor Sue

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