Tuesday, March 11, 2014

the evolution of an ART WALL...

this art wall of ours has been changing and growing over this past year. {YES…we just realized we've been living in this cozy lake cottage for a year, time flies! }

i had fun looking back at this walls progress, so i thought i'd share it with you guys! it's a good reminder that some projects take time, a bit of thought and a lot of love. {even though i tend to wanna make them perfect right away…and obsess until i "think" i do} it's also interesting to realize that i really loved how it started ~ so simple, and i love what it has grown into. i'm sure i'll swap things out from time to time, but it's super nice for it to feel finished and complete…for now

i'll also point out that i didn't follow any rules with this project, i just kinda stuck things where they felt right ~ and rearranged if they didn't. there are a few extra holes in the wall that maybe i could have avoided, but i had fun…yolo, riggghht? ;) i also added a few quotes and random details to the mix & i feel like they really sealed the deal. this is the favorite quote >>>

"nature is not a place to visit. it is home"
-gary snyder

do you have a wall that needs a little lovin? give this a try!
it doesn't have to be expensive!…use old frames or thrift them and repaint, bring some nature in, print from home, use scrap materials, frame kid drawings...use polaroids, go small, go big…tape flowers, hang love notes, shells.. etc etc etc. get creative, think outside the box…get to craftin', yo!

i'd like to do some sort of house tour one day…we shall see.
tootles for now,
Taylor Sue

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