Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wanna make your own?!

i mounted my own stag horn fern the other day…and it was SO easy.
i didn't take step by step pictures, but i saw this tutorial recently and it
will be really helpful if you'd like to try!!

here are some other dreamy options…
{google images}
-a random piece of recycled wood will work perfectly. i bought
a few round slivers from a local wood shop {5 for $5} your local hardware 
store should have many options too, get creative.
-there are different plant options too. the stag horn fern seems the most 
popular, but air plants would be really easy, and orchids or some type of 
ivy could work too! it just needs to be a plant that doesn't need excessive watering.

i'm glad i finally got around to trying this.
i bought this mounted plant awhile back for $18 before i considered
making my own, which only cost around $6!! i love that this is a different take
on house plants...they look really cool and unique. there are also a variety 
of planters that hang on the wall ~ if that is more your vibe. 

happy planting!! 
Taylor Sue

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