Thursday, April 24, 2014

Taylor Turning Twenty-7

WHOA…i'm 27 !

besides still feeling 22, it's been pretty great so far. and the celebration lasted 2 weeks this year~new tradition?haha the week before my birthday stefan surprised me with a lobster dinner! it was amazing and totally unexpected…YUM. he said since we haven't been able to travel much this year he was going to bring the beach to me.

then that friday {my sisters bday} we got a group of friends to go out in san marcos to play, like the good ol' days. we started at the wave, grabbed some dinner, and then hit up our favorite bars. it may not happen often these days…but i really love being surrounded by these people. thanks guys!! y'all aren't only friends, but family.

we also decided to run to the beach for a night on sunday. i had big hopes for beautiful sunny skies, but mother nature had another plan….windy~windy~cold~cold !!!! but it was ok because a certain someone got to surf twice!

thennnn comes wednesday the 16th. i had the day off, woke up to a brand new tv! bought some new plants, laid in the sun, did a photo shoot, and then met up with the family for some sushi. it was a perfect relaxing birthday. {insert full heart emoticon} all the love even followed me to Easter. 

it was a great celebration. looking back…it wasn't all about me turning a year older, but being surrounded by people i love and really really feeling it. i'm very lucky. so, thanks to everyone for spoiling me…not just one day a year, but every day. and an extra big fat kiss goes out to my amazing stefan!! i pretty sure this all means 27 is gonna be freakin awesome.

Taylor Sue

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