Thursday, May 15, 2014

Being Prepared /// A Stefan Surfing Story.

the ocean~ his other love. i say she's a wild one…because she is.  she's fierce, and unpredictable.
i worry when he's out there…in a different world. the storms, the currents, the sharrrkkkss…oh my!


so~ the story…a couple weeks ago, stefan left on a dude mission to catch some waves. he's done this a million times before, and in far worse weather conditions. this particular monday was sunny; a perfect day out on the texas coast. after awhile in the water he started to make the half mile paddle back to the 
beach for more sunscreen and water…but he noticed a board floating all alone in the break. he made his way over and realized someone was holding on with just their head out of the water, and the man was unresponsive. stefan got closer and realized he was swimming through blood. he yelled out to the nearest person and had her swim in to call 911. the man had a laceration on the top of his head…from just above his left eye to his right ear. he was probably cut by the fin of another surfers board {translation > whole head wide open, skull showing} to me, this would be the perfect time to freak the F out! right? but no, stefan held his shit together and swam this guy more than 20 minutes back to the beach. which is amazingly awesome, but everyone soon realized they were 10 miles away from the nearest paved road…and this guy is basically bleeding out. stefan ran to his jeep for his D.A.R.K mini kit, which were the only medical supplies anyone had on the beach, he filled the wound with the Celox Ribbon and wrapped his head with the SWAT-T…then applied pressure with an ice pack. The EMS arrived 45 minutes later, well over an hour from the time of his injury.

we aren't sure what happened next for this man…but i'm really proud of this boyfriend of mine~ he always has medical supplies with him, and has the mindset and knowledge to use them under pressure.
it seems stefan was in the right place at the right time, and i pray that if he is ever in trouble out in that wild ocean {or anywhere else}…that someone is there, and ready to help him.


the moral of the story…try and be prepared, try and be calm
you could save a life.

Taylor Sue


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