Friday, June 6, 2014


some of my lady friends have been doing the Beach2Bay marathon relay for a few years…and this year i got an invite!! i'm not a great runner, but i did it…over the bridge…4.36 miles.

go me /// go team!

i only "trained" up to 3 miles {started getting shin splints} but come race day… and thanks to the pandora station "hey ma"…i got in the zone, and did it! wasn't too bad. wasn't too fun either tho ;)

apparently this is the largest relay marathon in the united states, totaling over 16,000 runners each year! it's a total of 26.2 miles…divided into 6 legs. it's always held on Armed Forces Day, a tradition founded in 1976!

it was a great time with some rad babes…plus, the beach is always an amazing place to be!!!

ps. i think our team had the best name. #saltyseasluts

Taylor Sue

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