Sunday, August 31, 2014


not sure if y'all have noticed a recent trend….BIRKENSTOCKS!!!

they're baaaccckkkk. but for me, they never left. this has been my go to shoe for at least 7 years!!
i had the chunky 2 strap ones in high school, but it wasn't a total love fest until i met the "madrid" style while i was living in germany in '07. and i have gotten a new pair every summer since. 

i feel like people either love or hate them… {choose love} if you're looking for something new and long lasting, give em a try! my feet wouldn't lie.

now, don't freak out…but i just bought a platform pair. birkenstock doesn't make them ~ but whoever does is a smart freaking cookie! my 90's lovin' self is SO excited.

i can't imagine them being as comfy as the originals…but i'm ready to rock them with cut off's + skinny's! mini dresses too. i have hearts in my eye balls right now.

thats all~ just a little foot fashion!

Taylor Sue

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