Friday, August 8, 2014

Friends Supporting Friends.

hey guys! meet my lady friend celbi. she's pretty freaking rad. so is that picture of us in feline form. rawr. but! check out the 1st pic. she's sportin' a TSFY crystal necklace!! i think it's awesome when friends come together…and notice each others talent, and then support it. whether it's buying something, giving a high-freaking-five or passing on some sort of info. it's really cool to support your local shops, artist, musicians etc. and when they're friends, it's even better!!! so mostly this post is just a 
big fat thank you to her and all my other friends and family that have always believed in my little artsy fartsy dream. love you all.

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now, i just wanna toot Celbi's horn a little bit. have you heard of Sister C ??!! if not, do yourself a favor and check them out. they are 3 singin' sisters that have been living their dream in Nashville for the last couple years. you may have seen them on X Factor awhile back…and while they are obviously amazingly gorgeous, they will rock your socks off as well ! {x100} they recently dropped their first single called "Ladies of the South". their soul~bluesy~country~rock~awesome style is something you don't wanna miss. they have a really unique sound of their own, but the closest thing i could compare them to is Pistol Annies. Celbi has been working really hard, so i'm sure there are some new tunes coming our way soon. she could bring the house down with her own voice, but the 3 of them combined is a bit o' magic. the only place they are going is up!!! proud of you girl.
check out their facebook + instagram.

also! y'all know PPP, right??? i used to work for shauna ~ way fun. she just recently released 
some really rad new designs + opened a studio in downtown NB. you must follow along if you haven't been already. one of a kind clothing at its finest!!!
facebook, instaetsy >>>139 N Castell #500, New Braunfels, Texas

 and! miss katie of Velvet Boutique. i met this gal through PPP and we soon realized we both knew celbi as well…small world. she creates one of a kind jewelry pieces! she is about to move to nashville, so follow along + support her as well!

that's all…just some friend love for the day. check em out, maybe you'll find a great gift or a new favorite song to sing in the shower!!! xo.

Taylor Sue.

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