Saturday, November 29, 2014

Marfa for a night...

Marfa was definitely on the list for this trip. We figured we'd do it on the drive home…but we were running way late heading to BB from Devils River, so Marfa happened the 2nd night. We thought it'd be awesome to stay in the teepee's at El Cosmic~ but they were fully booked…on a tuesday. go figure. 
But! that lead us to randomly booking the "James Dean" room at the Paisano Hotel…from the road.  IT REALLY WORKED OUT! We arrived around 8, had dinner + drinks next door, and then hung out in the room.  >>> apparently james dean stayed there while filming his last movie <<< The front desk people kept asking if he "visited" us…but he did not.

The next day we woke early and explored the hotel a bit, took pictures, and checked out the gift shops. {that dang cold front blew in over night…a  day early…awesome sauce} Some locals recommended Marfa Burrito for breakfast~ and we were all in!! The place is pretty tiny but the burritos are HUGE. I guess that's what a burrito is though, a really big taco. We were expecting a taco for some reason {cuz we are addicts} and we ordered 4. It was pretty funny…freaking delicious…and convenient, bc lunch was covered too! We wanted to check out the Prada Store, and other rad spots…but the drive to Big Bend was going to be longer than we expected, of course, so we hit the road…jack. 

While things didn't go exactly as planned, this was probably my favorite "happy accident" of the trip. There were a few hiccups, and i'm sure i could have had a better attitude with these bumps in the road…but i suppose that's part of the fun! So looking back i'm really glad it happened this way, and would love to go back soon.


Taylor Sue

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


it's BEAUTIFUL here.

when{barely}planning our West Texas Adventure, this spot was a great halfway mark on our trek to Big Bend. i'm not a great road tripper…all i do is sleep sleep sleeeeeep…so this was a perfect idea!! we tried to get my sis and her hub to come for the night, but because of all the rain {and in general} you need a 4wheel drive to get out there!  so here is your warning, people. 

*when you turn off the main road to a sign that says "devils river" >>you have not arrived! there is a 30 mile beat up gravel road that goes on forever. and once you get down to the trail that takes you to the water ~ it's a nice lil mile walk. worth it, hell yes. could they use moresigns? hell yes. should you go? hell yes*

i could have used that pep talk on this trip, so hopefully it'll help someone :) 

this area only has 7 campsites, and you have to call ahead to reserve…and then it's a 1st come 1st serve sorta deal. we stayed at #3 and it was badass. this spot was closer to the water and still pretty secluded. 
there was no one else around, not even rangers, so that was rad. and that means we had the water to ourselves as well!!! that was the absolute best part.

we hung out @ the water 2 different times, and it was insanely freezing/awesome both x's!! i would recommend water shoes bc there are really slippery rocks and a bit of that seaweed yuck. stefan piggy backed me thru the gunk and into an open + deeper area…and we swam around all giddy like. the water is so clear and crisp…it was top 10% out there!!!

this was the start of a semi rocky/laughable trip…BUT it was damn sure one of the prettiest forms of nature i've seen in awhile. places like this make me feel alive!!!!! i think places + people that make you 
feel that way are defiantly needed for the soul.

 we unfortunately lost one of those amazing people yesterday~ you will be forever missed and remembered KO.  shine on!!

i'll be back soon with more West Texas memories~ tootles!

Taylor Sue

Saturday, November 15, 2014


we just got home from an adventure out west!

the plan was BIG BEND, again…bc we love it. then we figured we'd stop @ Devils River on the way, and then we were way behind…so Marfa happened. and thennn we finally arrived @ the desert ~ so of course, we had to make a trip to Terlingua.

so here's a random preview of those 4 destinations. i'll be back soon with a post from was all so beautiful in different ways!

i'm not gonna lie ~ this trip was a bit hectic, due to mother nature and her "polar vortex"! but that's the beauty of nature, so we toughed it out as best as we could. and there's no person i'd rather freeze or be off track with other than my sexy bearded dude!! 

so~ cheers to adventure, love, and nature.

Taylor Sue

ps. a magical video is in the works.

Sunday, November 2, 2014


hope y'all had a fun + spooktacular halloween!!! we sure did. we dressed up to The Life Aquatic.
stefan was steve zissou {bill murray} + i was the jaguar shark.

{{{the movie is about  Steve Zissou, an oceanographer + documentarian, who is working on his latest documentary at sea. His best friend Esteban was eaten by a creature described as the "Jaguar Shark"}}}

stefan knew he wanted to dress up to this movie, and i had just recently bought a cute animal print dress, so the idea was born + way fun! we hung @ a friends house in austin ~ here are some more pics….
i was also a kitty kat during the day with the kiddos. meow. 

the party was really fun + a gigantic headache maker.our friends celbi + gabe were gertie and elliot from e.t.….that was my favorite costume, so good.

27 years and all + it's still fun to dress up! thanks for the good time, friends.


Taylor Sue

Saturday, November 1, 2014

CAMPING {fentress}

hey y'all !

me + mr steffer got our camp on last weekend. if you can't tell from the pics ~ we had a really good time. we spent a day + night in fentress, on the san marcos river. this was one of the meet up spots for their last canoe trip…and i'm super glad we got the random opportunity to try it out.

it was also a must to get out all the camping gear + make sure everything is in working order. whyyy?!! {you may ask} BECAUSE WE'RE GOING BACK TO BIG BEND. in, like, a week   >>> omg happy dance <<<

so, thats cool. and yesterday was halloween!!! which was really cool as well. but we'll get to that hot mess in another post.

Taylor Sue