Saturday, November 15, 2014


we just got home from an adventure out west!

the plan was BIG BEND, again…bc we love it. then we figured we'd stop @ Devils River on the way, and then we were way behind…so Marfa happened. and thennn we finally arrived @ the desert ~ so of course, we had to make a trip to Terlingua.

so here's a random preview of those 4 destinations. i'll be back soon with a post from was all so beautiful in different ways!

i'm not gonna lie ~ this trip was a bit hectic, due to mother nature and her "polar vortex"! but that's the beauty of nature, so we toughed it out as best as we could. and there's no person i'd rather freeze or be off track with other than my sexy bearded dude!! 

so~ cheers to adventure, love, and nature.

Taylor Sue

ps. a magical video is in the works.

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