Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Big Bend Back Country...

here~ we FINALLY arrived in the magical {cold} desert !!! we originally wanted to stay at our favorite camp site from last time, but River Road East was shut down bc of all the rain. another bummer. but! that led us on a little adventure through the park, a ruins find, a rad hat purchase, and then eventually to a new favorite spot, Glenn Springs. so, cool…there we were…in the middle of nowhere…kinda tucked down in a valley…which would hopefully keep us a bit warmer. LET THE ADVENTURING BEGIN!!!!!

{{ when you arrive at the park you talk with a ranger about where to stay, and you book a spot for however many nights. one camp spot typically can't see any others, they're all spread out and tucked away…giving you privacy and free roam. also, getting there is a bit of a hunt. all of the back country spots are really remote and involve an intense drive. like shake the whole car, so many rocks, up and down, a little woozy, long drive. stefan even let me drive some, and we videoed a lot! }}

once camp is set up, there's really not much to do but chill + explore. so that's what we did for the next couple days. we found a few creeks, stumbled across a random rock cemetery {pretty crazy}, stared at the stars {my fave part, you can see the milky way!} made our way to the hot springs + into terlingua, drank our fair share of wine, took lots of pics, i chit chatted stefans face off + we cuddled to stay warm!
ps. stefan also beat me @ farkle way too many times…not cool, man.

this camping part was a bit shorter than last time. {i think poor planning and mother nature take a big part in that} so we left a day early because it was TOO cold… like mid 30's with crazy wind! i guess we could have stayed in the tent all day, but we opted to go home and that was just fine. next time, big bend…sunny skies + clear water + sun burns…its on!!!

i'll do one more post soon with pics from the hot springs and our little trip to terlingua. stay tuned, friends!!!

Taylor Sue

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