Saturday, December 13, 2014


the HOT SPRINGS are probably one of my favorite parts of Big Bend. they are located inside the park, on the River Road East side…where we wanted to stay this time, but the back country roads were washed out from all the rain. so we drove across the park to get our fresh water fix! worth it. apparently 
the hot springs had been filled with silt a few days earlier, but they were back to normal for us…thank goodness!! you can tell how much water they got by the raging Rio Grande in the pics~ and that's good ol' Mexico on the other side! 

this day was pretty dang cold…we were all bundled up on the walk in, and almost ready to back out {of having to change, get wet, and change back} but the springs are tucked away nicely + and it was much warmer than expected. and the water is always 104 degrees or so…an amazing natural hot tub!!! the "ruins" above are located by the parking lot, we thought we'd be safe from the wind for a little picnic…it was a good idea, but we still got blasted. after our snack we headed off to terlingua! 
we LOVE terlingua, too >>> a "ghost town" located right outside of BB park. it's an old mining town, and there isn't much left other than LaKiva {a magical cave bar}…a few places to stay, the Starlight Theatre, a few shops~ my favorite is Quilts by Marguerite…we call her "mother quilt", a graveyard, and a general store. i'm sure i'm missing something, but those are the spots we hit up! this tiny baby town has a quirky vibe, and i believe you either love or hate it. we choose LOVE. viva terlingua!
ps. that goat above…used to be the mayor, like for real. and he would drink beers.

we had dinner at the Starlight Theatre ~ a spot you must check out. there's always something going was a wednesday and there was some fun live music. once the sun went down the temp dropped fast, i wish we could have spent more time walking around + exploring…but we had to get back to camp. what a fun day!!!!
and here are some of my   t r e a s u r e s  from our west texas adventure !!

the end.
until next time, you sexy desert.

Taylor Sue

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