Wednesday, December 17, 2014


*notes~ the space pen can write under water + upside down! the swiss army nife will always come in handy and the "campfire cologne" is a good laugh. all stefan approved, too!

matte lipstick /// flash tats /// handmade ring /// nail polish "mochachino"/// paperwhite bulbs /// perfume ~on sale! /// wine club /// patchouli candle

*notes~ i LOVE that handmade ring, i put a ring from the same shop on my xmas list. that perfume is heaven…a little bit of floral + earthy = perfection. paperwhite bulbs are a cold weather thing, and it's really fun to watch them grown. also, who doesn't love wine??…duh!

 record player /// concert tickets /// polaroid camera 

*shopping for a couple doesn't have to be hard, think outside the box! we own that record player + love it…records are a great gift as well. you can never go wrong with some live music. and polaroids are instant happiness, try it!!!


i actually just finished my shopping yesterday! i absolutely LOVE buying gifts. but i know not everyone feels the same, or maybe you've been super, NOT TO WORRY ~ TAYLOR TO THE RESCUE! i think most ladies + gents would enjoy a thing or two from above.

happy HOLLA days!

tootles, friends.
Taylor Sue

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