Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bavarian Bridal !

>>> i'm {way} late posting these pics…sorry <<<

this Bavarian Themed Bridal Shower photo shoot was SO much fun !

2 tarts bakery + Miranda Laine Photography came together to make this magic happen. and PPP provided all the German inspired clothing!!

These lovely pictures were also featured on Savvy Deets Bridal…and i love this quote by April {of 2tarts} >>>> i definitely prefer beer to champagne, so i fit right in… :)
"Here at 2tarts Bakery we see a lot of Bridal Showers filled with pink girly frills; which got us thinking… What kind of shower would suit a bride who preferred beer to champagne?! Out of this question, the concept for our styled Bavarian Bridal Shower was born and then captured beautifully on film by the talented Miranda Laine." 

Our hair + makeup were done by Robyn @ Felger and Friends. I really loved my maiden style braids…and the flowers, ohhhh the flowers!!! {by Blumen Meisters}The location was super duper amazing >>> Jahn St. Event Center Also! the vintage decor was to die for >>> Revive Vintage Rentals

What a rad day, spent with lots'a babes!! {in front + behind camera}
DANKE to all for letting me be a part of this and PROST to german love!!!

{{ i lived in germany for 7 months…so i really love a german theme!! }}

Taylor Sue

Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 >>> adventuring + creating.

this is a little flashback to a camping adventure in 2014 {whoa!} the 1st photo is probably one of my favorites…ever. i love how it captures us. i wish we could travel + explore every day. everywhere. just me and him. i feel like i learn the most about myself and the world through those experiences. i love
being in nature, it has always felt so right. and i'm so excited to have someone that enjoys it all just as much. i guess if i have any sort of resolution for the new year, i want us to make time to explore more. even if it's close to home, i want to see more. i want to learn more. i want to be inspired to create more. 

i'd also like to try and grow my baby brand. i don't want to be afraid, i want to go for it and see what happens. i'll never know if i don't try. being artistic is all that's ever felt right. i want to push myself. i want to enjoy my day to day "work." and if i can only make enough money to get by, i'll feel like a millionaire knowing i'm doing what i've always wanted, and what makes me happy. 

it's all connected….travels + new experiences fuel my fire to create. i need to make it all happen, more. i'm really excited to see what 2015 has in store! i know the best is yet to come, especially with stefan by my side, and i can't wait to see the rest of our story unfold. one day~ i wanna be that old lady with a happy and full heart, with an abundance of stories and stacks on stacks of pictures to go with them. so, cheers to a NEW YEAR + making dreams come true!!
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

 here are the last items i listed in 2014. stefan took the pictures, he rocks, i need to get him to do that more often. there's a great big batch of awesomeness coming soon, promise. 

whoever you are, thanks for following along…it means a lot. to friends + family, i love you, thank you for always believing in me. i hope this new year brings you all much love + happiness. and let's not forget to kick some ass!!! 

Taylor Sue