Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 >>> adventuring + creating.

this is a little flashback to a camping adventure in 2014 {whoa!} the 1st photo is probably one of my favorites…ever. i love how it captures us. i wish we could travel + explore every day. everywhere. just me and him. i feel like i learn the most about myself and the world through those experiences. i love
being in nature, it has always felt so right. and i'm so excited to have someone that enjoys it all just as much. i guess if i have any sort of resolution for the new year, i want us to make time to explore more. even if it's close to home, i want to see more. i want to learn more. i want to be inspired to create more. 

i'd also like to try and grow my baby brand. i don't want to be afraid, i want to go for it and see what happens. i'll never know if i don't try. being artistic is all that's ever felt right. i want to push myself. i want to enjoy my day to day "work." and if i can only make enough money to get by, i'll feel like a millionaire knowing i'm doing what i've always wanted, and what makes me happy. 

it's all connected….travels + new experiences fuel my fire to create. i need to make it all happen, more. i'm really excited to see what 2015 has in store! i know the best is yet to come, especially with stefan by my side, and i can't wait to see the rest of our story unfold. one day~ i wanna be that old lady with a happy and full heart, with an abundance of stories and stacks on stacks of pictures to go with them. so, cheers to a NEW YEAR + making dreams come true!!
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 here are the last items i listed in 2014. stefan took the pictures, he rocks, i need to get him to do that more often. there's a great big batch of awesomeness coming soon, promise. 

whoever you are, thanks for following along…it means a lot. to friends + family, i love you, thank you for always believing in me. i hope this new year brings you all much love + happiness. and let's not forget to kick some ass!!! 

Taylor Sue

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