Monday, April 27, 2015



guys! i've been having SO much fun with jewelry again!!! it's been awhile, but i'm super glad i decided to bring back the jewels. the rings have been especially fun, probably because they're the newest addition and the "hunt" for them is super exciting. hope y'all enjoy too. there's a bunch more in the works…so stay tuned. XOXOXO.

Taylor Sue

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Willie Nelson with the FAM.

This was our 5th time seeing Mr. Willie Nelson! Dude's almost 82 and still kicking major butt. While Gruene Hall, Moody Theatre and Luck, Tx are wayyy more our preferred type of venue~ I will never pass up a Willie offer and a chance to hang with the family!! My sister and her husband live out of town, so it's always fun when we all get to spend time together. We hung in Gruene and had some dinner + margaritas…Then we headed out to Whitewater to listen to Merle and Willie. The weather was muy bueno, the music was magical and loud {and we didn't get any sort of close to the stage…but that was just fine!} Cheers to fun times with the best people!!
Speaking of awesome stuff~ that's my sister decked out in TSFY gear!! She has her Tres Tigers Eye Necklace on and a Fab-u-lous Rose Pattern Vintage Skirt. She's dang cute, love her. Pretty much my favorite thing ever is to make/buy gifts for people, but it's also very rewarding when a special someone likes something so much they pay money for it and really enjoy it. That's the best, thanks sis. XO.

 I'll be back soon with a birthday post {28!!!} and some shop updates!!!

tootles my noodles,
Taylor Sue