Monday, May 25, 2015

Leisure Time Camping {{VIDEO}}

Hey Guys!! We decided to get a new computer this last Friday...So of course Stefan got busy right away making a fun little video from a camping adventure we took at the end of last summer. I LOVE IT. We camped at Leisure Time in Fentress, Tx {which is probably under water right now due to all the Texas sad. We have been safe at the lake though, fingers crossed!} We pretty much had the river to ourselves, it was magical. If you want to see pictures from this trip, check out this post. There is also a West Texas Adventure video in the works, and lots of other lost videos that need a home. So, more to come!!! I hope everyone had a great Memorial Weekend, and I'm sending lots of love out to all that have been affected by this terrible weather. Please bring the sun back Mother Nature!!! We're in need of some adventuring, and while sunshine is always a plus, we actually need beautiful places to venture chill out crazy weather, please!!

ps. please ignore the embarrassing dance moves, someone caught me off guard.
pps. STEFAN IS AWESOME. {he may or may not have paid me to say that ;) }

Taylor Sue

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