Monday, May 11, 2015

THE BIG 28 !

i turned the big 28 on april 16th!!! {aries!} we didn't have any ginormous plans, but it was still a great day. i shopped, got a few new plants, met up with stefan for lunch, played with my new gifts, laid in the sun, met the parents for a sushi dinner and then finished the night off with a mexican martini. WAY fun. growing older hasn't seemed to freak me out yet…i think it's because i'm right where i dreamed of being when i was younger, and that should be celebrated!!! i wrote this post on instagram…

"today marks year 28 for me! like, whoaaa. do you ever look back and laugh at your 16 year old self, real hard, because that person set crazy standards for her older self....and you kinda feel like a failure? well, don't. that's silly. don't get me wrong~i've thought that a few times. but whatever childish ideals i had as a teenager I wouldn't be very happy with as an adult. the only thing I would've picked right for myself back then would've been stefan. (high five to young me!) it's crazy to think how much i've changed in these 28 years, let alone the last 10. all the ups and downs, all the tears and laughter...they all led me here, with you guys, and I couldn't be happier. nobody is perfect, and no one should strive to be~ but I think the key to a good life is kindness. be kind. to yourself and others. smile. it'll go a long way. and don't give yourself such a hard time. have some pizza, dance, dream big. and if one road gets bumpy and rough...take another path, you're not giving up, you're just growing and evolving. I still have big dreams for my 28 year old self, but in another 10+ years if my life looks different than I imagine it'll be ok. that's the magic of living. the family and friends I have will always make things ok. dollar bills are nice but love is life, and all i'll ever really need is to be loved and love well...and I think I have that shit covered. I'M RICH WITH . I also still enjoy birthdays, so that's cool too. cheers, y'all...thanks for the continuous love and support !!!!!!!!"

so yea~ HEYYYY 28! can't wait to see what you have in store!

a few days before on april 11th {my sisters birthday} we met up in san antonio for dinner to celebrate her. so the pictures above with family are from that night. she's SO pretty, look at that smile!!! and high five to matching sunglasses! that was also the day of one of my best friends baby showers. LOUIE!! {that's me kissing her baby belly in the picture below} and today…like, right now…SHE'S HAVING HER BABY. i'm so stinking excited.

CHEERS to a new year, y'all!! cheers to love and laughter!!! and cheers to friends having babies!!!

Tootles, Taylor Sue

 ps~ this is an email i received on my birthday. SO RANDOM and funny.
ha! haven't been in years, but guess they remember me!

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