Wednesday, June 24, 2015


bud muscle crop - sold  /// black distressed levis - coming soon  /// king antler necklace /// middle finger rings 1- 2- 3
arrow head layered choker - coming soon /// floral bohemian skirt - sold
crushed blue velvet mini dress /// druzy + crystal necklace - sold /// sterling silver rings
semi sheer striped blouse /// vintage necklace - not for sale

you guys!! this is the most fun i've had in front of the camera in a long time. i think it really helps when the photographer is a long time {awesome} friend! amber of AMBER DAWN PHOTOGRAPHY is super duper talented and a joy to be around...which is always a huge plus when being photographed. Amber lives in Trinidad, but comes back to Texas every once in a while to see friends + family, so hit her up and see when she's around next so she can capture some magic for you!! thanks again Amber, hopefully we can make this collab a yearly thing. XO

*for clothing/jewelry items still available ~ there are individual links to my etsy shop under each photo grouping*

ambers info >>> website + instagram is @amberdawnpics + facebook

Tootles, Taylor Sue

Saturday, June 20, 2015

An Adventure ~ Biking from Oregon to Patagonia

I've been following Jedidiah Jenkins on instagram for a while. He recently journeyed on his bike, from Oregon to Patagonia! And this video above answers why. He is also an amazing writer and is now in the process of writing a book about his adventure. This video makes me want to jump up and GO. Somewhere NEW and DIFFERENT...right now. I don't want time to pass me by. I want to truly explore this world, and myself in the process. He talks about how, as children, everything is astonishing...but "once you're an adult, it's a choice, you choose adventure for your own life." And that truly exploring "WAKES UP YOUR BRAIN." I've always felt the need to live this way. To learn, not necessarily through a class room, but through adventurous activity! Going somewhere different and meeting new people and experiencing their culture, and way of living. I want to see new cities, states and countries and all the natural art forms that they have to offer. There is art everywhere! In the mountains, in the lakes, in the sky, in the desert...I want to see it ALL. I want to feel what it has to offer, and I want to learn from it. I want to become better from it. Jedidiahs words have woken up that spirit inside me...{it only truly comes to life as money allows and i hate that.} I need to try harder. Because if I'm not careful i'll be 80 years old and wonder where all the time went! I hope this video sparks something special in you as it has in me. And hell...DO SOMETHING FUN THIS WEEKEND!!!

Taylor Sue

Monday, June 15, 2015


1 // 2sold // 3 // 4sold // 5-5-5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9sold

1 // 2 // 3 // 4sold // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9sold

H E Y     F R I E N D S    …
Some of these items have been on my Etsy for a while, and some have sold, but i'm just finally posting here in case somebody has missed out. {{click on the #'s to check out the individual item}} I'm planning to get back on my blogging game~ more fashion, more adventure, more randomness…more often. I'll be posting some new magic tonight at 8, too. So check out!

Taylor Sue