Tuesday, August 4, 2015


we've been {re} together for 4 years!!! lucky me.
It's impossible to imagine a life without Stefan. Throughout the years he was always on my mind, whether we were together or not. I'm so incredibly happy things have turned out this way, because there is no other way. He has always been the one. Cheers to many more years!

There was talk about not really doing gifts, just dinner, because we recently booked a trip and it's nice to save money sometimes. BUT. That didn't happen. I get too excited, and Stefan knows how much i like gifting. So the gifts happened. Nothing too crazy tho!! I woke up that morning to some BEACH goodies. He secretly ordered me a bikini I had left up on the computer... but it hadn't arrived yet so he cut one out. SO super impressed with his skills. lol. I got him some dude stuff, like a tomahawk and some throwing stars...ha! We sure know what each other likes. We each left a note too, mine was sweet and his was sweet{ish} ~ freaking love that stefan humor. The quotes pictured above are from my new book Chasers of the Light, Poems from the Typewriter Series and i LOVE it. There's something pretty magical about typewriters, and love poems always get me...so it was a book win for sure. 

Back in April we bought some concert tix when we realized my newest favorite, Nikki Lane, was playing in Austin! {at Moody Theatre... which is totally our vibe.} It was a few days after our anniversary, so it added some extra fun to our week. {it was also my dads birthday!!!} 
*just having a drink with janis…*
*a fun lil collage of nikki, so you know she's a babe. {google images}*
*and another selfie below!!*
a fun night out, for sure!

Some may think it's silly to celebrate anniversary's before marriage...but I think it's really special. Sure, you don't have to do presents or dinner ~ but it's nice to at least acknowledge that day in some way. BECAUSE LOVE FREAKING RULES. And that day in time matters. Always.
So, Stefan... thanks for being my person. I'm so glad it's you.

"it is you and it has always been you. 

...if life is a question mark, 
then you, my love, 
are the proud and bold period 
that is typed with certainty."
-chasers of the light

Tootles, Taylor Sue

 And just for giggles... a friend posted these pictures from 2004. Silly dudes. 
LOOK AT BABY STEFAN!!! This is around the time we dated the first time, haha.
again, lucky me.

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