Saturday, August 29, 2015


hola~ here are some of our favorite moments from cabo! 

lands end ~ beautiful !
cactus babe
underwater drinking skills ...
friends! happy birthday celber !!
staring at his other lover.... the ocean.
first beers... cheers !
got some real turquoise ~ got some fake henna. 
ginormous waves...
dudes in chick hats ~
surf spot ....
turtle power ~
lover shots !
cabo cactus chillin !

thanks for coming along for the ride! if anyone is in the mood for a pretty cheap vacation, cabo is amazing and i highly recommend it!!  we booked our trip through and other than a few small quirks it was FABULOUS. we stayed at the Riu Santa Fe, which was all inclusive {free booze!} and had a super cool desert beach vibe. i would absolutely positively stay there again. we traveled with another couple and ended up having our rooms right next to each other which was a major plus! our first day there, my friend celbis birthday, we partied it up in one of the bar pools and me and stefan had so much "fun" we slept through dinner!!! {insert embarrassed face here} i guess it was kind of a win though, because we were worried about our lame partying skills these days, but we proved... we can {kind of} still party. the second day we took a short taxi ride into town, and hit up the markets and checked out the surf situation for the boys. we ended up at "mango deck" where we had a margarita and swam in the crazy waters {cabo is know for its intense waves and current, which i understand now} we ate at the hotel buffets for most of the trip, and it was pretty dang good food, and of course very convenient. the third day we took a little bit longer taxi ride to a surf spot that was recommend. there was a rad little surf shop within walking distance that hooked the dudes up with boards for the next 2 days. i've only surfed once, it was magical and i'm not sure those conditions will happen again for me~ so me and celbi watched from afar in the the sunny sunny hot sunshine, while our guys had the most amazing surf session. apparently it was some of the best waves they have surfed, with really  chill conditions. and we had a great view of them, too. i stood there for a few hours trying to get "the shot" and then missed the epic last wave stefan caught. ugh!!! exhausted, we all headed back to the hotel, hung out, and went back into town to party that night. DANCE DANCE party >>> cabo style. such sweaty fun we had! the guys went back to surf the next morning, and then we ended up on a boat ride out to "lands end", which are the pretty rocks in all of the pictures {the very end of baja california.} it was awesome to see up close, but because of the crazy currents and massive waves... we weren't allowed to swim or snorkel {bummer} and a few of us ended  up nauseous... so we called it a day and headed back to mango deck for more drinks. our last night we hung out in one of the many hotel pools and played with the go pro for some underwater shots. me and stefan have taken some pretty cool water pictures before, so we were expecting some magic...but it was absolutely hilarious how horrible our photos were! lol. our friends banged it out their first photo~ they're like water models or something, but not us. i haven't laughed that hard in a long time. i feel like our 4 days and nights flew by pretty quickly. we kept saying we wished we could have stayed longer. and we're already dreaming up another mexico vacation!!! thanks for following along, we live for these adventures.

Taylor Sue

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