Monday, August 3, 2015


* cute blondie pictured above ~ celbi manchaca *

"Hip Chain Jane" is one of the newest additions over at TaylorSueForYou and I'm totally in love with it! I've been really into body jewelry lately... but wanted something for my cut off's, jeans, overalls etc. ~ some kind of fun flare! I also wanted it to double as a more "normal" piece of jewelry too... and this is what was born out of that idea! I love how these bad boys can be easily customized for each person as well...with different types of chain, colors, textures etc. 

Here it is worn as a necklace, and pictured laying flat.

I don't have one of these available on etsy yet, but I do have a custom order link {here}, so if you'd like something similar to what's pictured, message me on etsy or email !

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Tootles, Taylor Sue

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