Friday, September 4, 2015

Change + Custom FUN !

hey friends! i've just recently made the decision to devote a lot more of my time to creating. it's what i love, what i've always loved, and what i will continue to love… so it's time!!! i'm really excited and a tiny bit scared ~ but i think that's a good combination that will keep me busy and happy. 

 customs have always been an option, but lately i've had a good amount of requests come in, and i'm loving the personalization of it all. so here are a few favorites… the hand stamped necklaces have been a hit lately and the crystals are always loved as well. 
if you see something you like, just send me a message and let me know. we can chit chat a creation up and i'll make you a custom listing on Etsy after all the decisions are made. if you think a friend or family member would like something please pass it on! i'd greatly appreciate it~ the more people i can reach the better!!

thank you for the continued support, especially during this season of change as i venture into more online sales, some jewelry classes and hopefully a market or two. eeeekkkk, my dreams might start coming true one creation at a time. XO~
and of course there will still be vintage+upcycled magic available as well.

Taylor Sue FOR YOU 

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tootles !

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