Tuesday, September 22, 2015

NB Farmers Market !

matchin' fanny packs ! yeauuhhh. fun to be at market with shauna… i've learned a lot from her.
good ol' "jasper june" on display ~ a real favorite !
little cuz Kendall ~ came to say hey and got her face painted !
best helper ever, my mama !
lil stud muffin lucas and miss danger d ~ love them.

I'm so THRILLED to be back at the NB Farmers Market!!! The pictures above were from my 1st day back… in about 5 years??! wow. I found out on a Wednesday that they wanted me, and busted my butt the next 2 days to make it happen. I wasn't too worried about my inventory because I had all my Etsy stuff ready, but I was concerned time wise~ about all the "details"…like, decorations!, where's the tent?, how should i hang the clothes?, displays! displays!, i need to price EVERYTHING, i didn't have a sign so i made one, etc etc etc. I also made about 15 new necklaces the day before, too. whew. But I did it, and I think it came together really nicely…especially on such short notice and the first time back!! I had some family and friends stop by, which was awesome, and I exceeded my expectations sales wise, which was extra awesome. Plus, IT WAS WAY FUN. 

more pictures below from my 2nd weekend…
there's that mama helper again !
the stamped necklaces were a hit this time ~
mu lovah got to make this one !
AMAZING leather goods in the booth next to me!! you betchya i bought something…

This market has become way more popular since I was there last, so I've been playing it by ear as to when they need me. Found out on Thursday I had a spot, so I got back to work…knocked out a whole bunch of new necklaces and loaded everything up. The hardest part is the loading and unloading, and then loading and unloading…especially in the Texas heat. My mom is really awesome and has been there both times, which has been a tremendous help…Stefan also made it to the last bit of this one! It's going to be really interesting when I have to set up and take down by myself…eeeekkk…fingers crossed!! It's all been worth it though, and even if I have some slow days it's been great to hand out business cards and see people have a positive response towards my creations. Its funny; I've had teenagers, people my age, parents of younger girls, and much older ladies come by…it is a great and diverse group that seems to be attracted to my stuff and I LOVE THAT. It has been really encouraging. I'm expecting some really hard times with this new artsy fartsy journey, and i'm ready for the hard work, but it's also so damn exciting that it's finally happening. I'm here…trying to make dreams come true. CHEERS!!!!!!!!
this is awesome ~ here's a look back @ last year, talking about wanting to make these dreams a reality.

i'll keep y'all updated ~ hope to be back @ the market this weekend!
TOOTLES, Taylor Sue

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