Sunday, November 29, 2015

Gift Guides ~ Guys and Gals !

G  A  L  S 
1// suede fringe jacket  2// new vinyl {helloooo}  3// woodsy candle {have, want, love}  4// handmade squash blossom necklace {put a similar one on my list, gonna try and make my own too!}  5// handmade ring  6// pretty upcycled skirt {tsfy!}  7// book of poems {have, love it}  8// set of copper mugs {on my list, too!}

G  U  Y  S 
1// big bend brewing beers {favorite}  2// nice leather boots  3// a funky key chain bottle opener  4// a woolrich button up with rad print {stef has this, love it}  5// a flask for nature adventures  6// a fun poler patch  7// wetterling axe  8// the wunder bundler  {we have, and love!}

i'm pretty sure most ladies and gents would be happy with any of these gifts ! SO, TIS THE SEASON. also, if you can… try your best to support local and/or handmade this holiday ! i know for a fact it is always greatly appreciated. 

this next week is a big week for me~ with potentially 4 markets back to back !!! as of now, i know FOR SURE i'll be at the Wassailfest Market in NB on thursday Dec 3rd from 6-9. we are waiting to find out about the NB Farmers Market on Saturday, but me Stefan and Ron Reeds will be at Wimberley Market Days again Dec 5th from 8-4. hopefully we will find out our booth info soon, will let y'all know. And then i'll be at YuleFest in Seguin on Sunday Dec 6th {booth #72} 10-4. 

Come out to shop and get in the Christmas spirit ! 

Taylor Sue