Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Holidayssss !

obsessed with christmas reactions !! she loved her ring...
LOVER BUTT. love the crap outta him. and his new hat...
home sweet home ~
his surprised face…"heart eyes"
sisters !
normal??! yeah...
we make the same faces… and it's kind of "weird/cool"
steffer got a deer !
watching him sleep….NOT weird. lovely...
We sure had a great Christmas this year. Still, super busy…5 houses in 3 days…but, always AWESOME. The weather was dang hot leading up to Christmas, but has been pretty chilly ever since. We stayed busy over stefan's days off, got to see a whole bunch of family and had some fun times with friends. I LOVE CHRISTMAS.
after we buy them… "will they fit in the car?!"
 NYE backdrop looking good !!!!
2016, our year !
NYE was awesome as well. SUPER FUN, actually. Our friend Celbi threw her annual NYE party and we all hung out by the lake. Yeahhhh. The next day was pretty rough, but it was very worth it. 

Since then I've been rearranging the house with some fun new goodies ! A few pictured below are the tiny skull, and RAD chair. Thanks Target~ I love you. {ps. there's a dingo in my bed}
And here are a few rounds of 'Tays Array' from the New Year !!! Texas Winter 'Style'...
I hope everyone had a happy and safe Holiday Season ! I'll try to be around these parts more often, promise. I have a post coming of all my new creations….. Stay tuned, y'all.

Tootles !!!! Taylor Sue

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