Thursday, January 14, 2016

New Year /// New Me

Happy 2016, y'all.  I've been reflecting back on what I learned at the end of last year, and how it will affect my business this new year. And where i'd like to go next. And pictures to document it all, of course !
Here is where my 'Metal Working, Soldering, Silversmith' journey started… the beginning of September 2015. I took my first class, and made 5 simple rings. I WAS HOOKED. Next, I singed up for a month long course that covered soldering skills, bezel settings, tab settings, cut outs, cuffs, bangles…etc. The pictures above are of some of my very first projects ! After that I went for a month of 'Open Studio' where I could make whatever projects I wished, use their equipment and still have a teacher around to help if needed. Basically, I went back to school for 2 months and loved it.
These 2 rings were my 1st REAL DEAL DREAM RINGS. This is why I wanted to learn how to solder, rings. I ended up keeping the turquoise one, because it was #1, I'm sentimental, and i freaking love it. The 2nd one below, Autumn Jasper, sold within 10 minutes of posting on Facebook. SO rad.
The problem I ran into with continuing jewelry school was time and money. The classes were in Austin which was quiet the trek, and only twice a week. And I was wanting to make stuff every day, from home ! So Stefan, very enthusiastically, helped make that happen for me. {a billion kisses for you, my love} After we put a bit of time in determining what torch was best, and all the tools I needed… I now have a little soldering studio in my dads garage. { Thanks daddio !} I don't have any of the big, fancy buffering tools etc., but I have the basics and I love it. At some point, if i want to continue my jewelry education I will do so… but I learned exactly what I wanted to and now all I want to do is CREATE.
So, speaking of…here are my most recent creations !!!
turquoise ring for my sister ~ i love this stone soooo much.
turquoise + shark tooth...
the guys need options too. hope to make more of these asap.
my first tab settings... some favorites 
tigers eye pendant for my mama~
The rings are obviously my new love and main focus right now, but I also still enjoy making necklaces. So I plan to continue the crystal fun and incorporate whatever funky, vintage pieces I can rework… And i'll also cary over the soldering into my necklaces, too ! And, as you can see above, I may have a little guys section coming soon. The money clip and Zippo lighter were made for my Dad and my Dude. I really had no idea what to expect so I didn't go all out with stones etc… But I like how they turned out and can't wait to experiment more. As far as my creative process~ I really don't have a clue what I'm going to create before I sit down and actually start working on it. Which I guess is pretty exciting. I've tried to plan it all out before, and when things don't come together how you envisioned, it' can be a bit disappointing. So I buy stones that I think are pretty and unique and then sit down with all my different silver pieces and start laying things out. Maybe a quick sketch or two, but I try not to get too attached to that because things alwayyysss change. There have been a handful of projects I have spent ALOT of time on, just to have to REDO because something didn't work out, fit, stay on etc. Which is tough...But it's all ok, because this is a new adventure and I'm still learning ! IT HAS BEEN SO FUN.
AND HEY ~ I can't thank this guy enough. He has a full {fullllll} time job that is not exciting and can be super draining… but he still finds the time and/or energy to help out on a day off, or offer encouragement or advice when I need it. I couldn't ask for anything more, thank you soooooo much. He's pretty much the best {#2} seller, like, ever ;)

And MARKETS, yesssss, Markets ! I've been loving them. At the beginning of this new adventure, I wrote this post here. Just talking about taking this new creative step and hoping to get into a market or two. And I've done that, YES.  Most Saturdays I've been at the New Braunfels Farmers Market, and I freaking love it. It's in a great local location, it's grown a lot since I did it last, and it's affordable. That's been my main gig. Some Saturdays we would double up and do the Wimberley Market Days, too. That's a fun one also; it's more of a commitment money and time wise… but it was really really awesome teaming up with Ron Reeds {our friend} who sells wooden things. I also did a Christmas Market that went very well. A goal for this year is to try out a few new places, maybe Austin and Boerne??? I've heard good things. I especially need to find some that aren't on Saturday ! Now, here are some market pics...
***my parents have been extremely helpful as well !! {love y'all!} and it's extra fun when friends stop by...
peace from wimberley !

dia del los muertos market… 
this day was DANNNGGG cold ! 
Ron Reeds Wooden Things + Taylor Sue For You = FUN
Stefans G-Ma Fanny helping me sell goods @ Yule Fest
The quote above is going to be my motto for 2016 !!! Last year I became unhappy + stressed with my work. I decided to make a change for myself and for my creativity…. and I'm very excited i did that !!! It is not easy, and I am not making loads of money, but I AM happy. I look forward to waking up and working on my craft. I'm proud of my creations. And I LOVE seeing people excited by them, too. I can't wait to see what this year has in store. I hope I can continually push myself to grow this business, however that may look, and continue to learn and make the best product possible. It was really fun to look back at this blog entry from 2012, it's crazy how much has changed/stayed the same in 4 years !
and BTW, happy customer photos make my day !!!!

That was a long one, thanks for sticking around. Tootles~
Taylor Sue

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