Friday, February 5, 2016


hey heyyyy, my 1st trip to vegas !

I went with stefans family and had a blast. The guys hit up 'shot show' for a few of the days, and us girls walked walked walked and shopped shopped shopped. We stayed 4 nights, which is probably a lot for vegas… but it was my first time so i feel like i had time to take it all in. I also realized that I'm really good at shopping, eating, and drinking… but not so good at gambling. I figured that'd be the case ! I just hate 'blowing' money, but the fact that my $20 bets kept getting me 'free' drinks seemed to even out. So... i didn't really loose $, and i didn't really win $… worked out just fine ! My money taker of choice was video black jack ~ chill, fun and easy. We stayed at the Mirage and it was fabulous. All the mix match crazy carpet in vegas made me giggle butt big time, and how its freaking everywhere. I also found myself looking 'up' most of the time… at all the architecture… everything is bigger than life there… and very pretty… extravagant…. over the top. FUN STUFF. We took a cab ride down town too, to the old strip, and that was super cool as well. Probably how i envisioned vegas in my mind. I really didn't realize how nice and clean everything would be ! Us girls went and saw 'Zumanity' one night and it was magical !!!! So cool, i highly recommend it. Getting back to the guys afterwards was a bit interesting because there was a shooting on the strip. {eeek} The road, sidewalk…all shut down. It took us a while winding back through a mall and through parking garages…back around all the buildings…to finally find them. A tipsy vegas game. I realized while buying a 'tall boy' at the walgreens that i still had my pocket nife in my purse {how security didn't notice it on the flight there i have no clue} but the joke was that i was our protector, because i had a tiny baby nife. HaHa. Good times.

Anyways ~ there are lots of words and pictures for you. Vegas Style. ENjoy !

Tootles, Taylor Sue

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