Thursday, May 12, 2016


Hanging out at Willie Nelsons Ranch is one of our favorite things… EVER. It also happens to fall right around Stefans birthday, which is extra cool. It is held during SXSW, but is out in the hill country on Willie Nelsons private ranch/old western movie set, in Spicewood Tx. It's called "Luck Texas." {here are some pics from last year} This area has a really rad vibe, and they also had a fantastic line up of talented people this year, 3 different 'stages' of all day music ! My faves…. LISSIE, WILLIE, JENNY LEWIS ….???!! And tons of other jewelry, vintage, and screen printing folks etc etc ! Hell ya. {I don't have any pics of the music or art, lol… Sorry}

A small bummer was that a much anticipated storm came through in the afternoon, which caused some things to be delayed, skipped, switched around….and it got COLD, and then I got drenched by tent water on a bathroom break…. BUTTTtttttt we got to hear Lissie sing while the power was out... in the dark, under a tent, with thunder cracking in the background. I already thought she was amazing, but that moment took my love for her to another level. SO cool, a highlight of the weekend for sure ! Mother Nature has been pretty crazy lately but she wasn't gonna stop this party.

The next day was Stefans 30th !!! We camped at Pacebend Park again…which is right down the road from the ranch, and we found a BEAuuutiful spot. There were 'heart' cactus, wildflowers, and a lake view. Besides the storm + being a bit hungover on his b-day, and locking the keys in the truck {what the helllll} I think he had a really great birthday ! {{{Cheers to you, my love}}}
I LOVE this last picture Stefan took. We were waiting for the locksmith dude to show up, all bundled up bc the storm brought some cold weather, and he picked me the sweetest tiny baby yellow flower I've ever seen ! I also love that my newest ring from the event made the photo~ {the cactus one on my middle finger… check out "Oli Rose Collection" on instagram or etsy, really awesome creations !!!}

This was our 2nd time experiencing what Luck, Tx has to offer….and we will DEFINITELY be back. It has become a yearly birthday/music tradition. Big props to the people that put this shindig on, it sure is magical.
L U C K ~ R E U N I O N we love you.

Taylor Sue

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