Sunday, August 14, 2016

Magic Hour...

this is my favorite time of the day ~ when the horn shadows dance on the wall above our bed.

xo, TaylorSue

Thursday, August 11, 2016


new new new !
loving these new TSFY lariat chokers.
ill have these babes available at market this weekend…
and hopefully a few online soon, too.
here is how they look on. so fun ! the longer ones can also lay down into your top to give a body chain effect. they also look great layered with longer pieces...
I've been getting back into more simple creations lately, so here are some other new gems !
i have over 100 necklaces right now, so if you're local come on out to market {every saturday // NBtx // 9-1 } and try some on ! *or shoot me a message if you're out of state but like something you see, or have a custom idea ! xo

tootles, Taylor Sue

You + Me = Five Years

5 years back together, 13 years in the making… CHEErS TO US !

for our anniversary we had dinner plans, and then tickets to see Sister C perform at the River Road Ice House. we were running out of time so we ended up at whataburger for dinner, lol ! it was super yummy though…bacon cheese burger all the way. and then we had a great time hanging with friends at the show. it's always so fun to see those ladies perform, girl crushin' every damn time. those manchaca sisters...badass chicks all the wayyyy.
{{ check them out at + watch their 'blue room sessions' on youtube. they are also about to release their demo sessions vol.2 ! they have become really good friends of ours and its SO fun to watch them on this journey. very very talented souls… }}
Celbi is rockin' some TSFY rings on that there middle finger… KISS MY GRITS {and turquoise forever} 

the next night we made up for our dinner fail and went to eat at one of our favorite new restaurants… it was lovely ! and i was surprised with Elle King tickets, so thats something fun to look forward to. 

if you're reading this Steffer, thanks for choosing me… i'll love you forever !!!
other anniversary posts ~ 4 years /// 3 years /// … can't find the others ;)

tootles, Taylor Sue

ps. for your viewing pleasure {some favorites of mine}
and keep an eye out for 'hazard county' !!!!

Monday, August 8, 2016


because there's only one you…
so don't waste time trying to be anything different.
all the magic comes with being yourself. 

{{ i decide to get creative in a different way a few weeks back. and made this print… i really love how my handwriting and the colors turned out. there may be more to come ! }}

BE YOU, BE MAGIC, BE TRUE… taylor sue for you~


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Sunflower Fields... Forever.

it was a random friday and he told me he had a small surprise. i was told to close my eyes on the drive.... it took about 15 minutes. he helped me get out of the truck and walked me into place. i opened my eyes to a FIELD OF AWESOME. i squealed really loud. it was magical !

i've loved sunflowers forever, probably because my grandmother loves them... and i have never seen so many at once. this field seemed to go on forever and ever. i had stefan take us back on fathers day so i could show my parents how cool it was, too. 

such a BEAUTIFUL surprise. thank you !

tootles, Taylor Sue

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Flashback to April 16th, My Bday ...

the big 29 
i got a spray tan and had my nails done, that never happens !!
my sweet sis had these necklaces custom made by 1888 designs.
the coins have me and stefans birth years on them. we wear the others year. LOVE.
the day after my b-day stefan took me to my favorite plant place~ where i got this beauty. we were inside the greenhouse during a thunderstorm, it was pretty damn cool.
another night he took me to see a favorite, NIKKI LANE, in austin... and it was awesome, as always.
and then on my actual birthday some close friends were married ! after lots and lots of rain, the sun came out during their was beautiful !!! it was super fun to celebrate love and have a big party with lots of friends that day. the bridesmaids wore TSFY crystal quartz necklaces, so that was exciting as well. and then we partied, and as you can see {from another night} stefan loves to party. i pick em right, y'all !! 


tootles, Taylor Sue

Our First Boat !

Meet our new baby !! We are so in love. She's a 1984 Ski Nautique. Older than us both, but beautiful as ever. This is our 1st boat, and our 1st summer at the Lake House actually getting to LIVE on the water. There's been some wake skating, sun bathing, swiveling, puppy parties, and {our favorite} slow drives around the lake with a cold one in hand. All I can say is .... FINALLY. 
The summer will really begin for us once all the kiddos go back to school, so more to come !

Tootles, Taylor Sue