Thursday, August 11, 2016

You + Me = Five Years

5 years back together, 13 years in the making… CHEErS TO US !

for our anniversary we had dinner plans, and then tickets to see Sister C perform at the River Road Ice House. we were running out of time so we ended up at whataburger for dinner, lol ! it was super yummy though…bacon cheese burger all the way. and then we had a great time hanging with friends at the show. it's always so fun to see those ladies perform, girl crushin' every damn time. those manchaca sisters...badass chicks all the wayyyy.
{{ check them out at + watch their 'blue room sessions' on youtube. they are also about to release their demo sessions vol.2 ! they have become really good friends of ours and its SO fun to watch them on this journey. very very talented souls… }}
Celbi is rockin' some TSFY rings on that there middle finger… KISS MY GRITS {and turquoise forever} 

the next night we made up for our dinner fail and went to eat at one of our favorite new restaurants… it was lovely ! and i was surprised with Elle King tickets, so thats something fun to look forward to. 

if you're reading this Steffer, thanks for choosing me… i'll love you forever !!!
other anniversary posts ~ 4 years /// 3 years /// … can't find the others ;)

tootles, Taylor Sue

ps. for your viewing pleasure {some favorites of mine}
and keep an eye out for 'hazard county' !!!!

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