Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Stef's Bday !

my handsome 31 year old
pacebend park... we love you
it's a rolled cig ;)
turtle man

A few days before my dudes actual birthday~ was one of our favorite days of the year... Luck Reunion !! A music event held out at Willie Nelsons Private Ranch. Our 3rd year. SO much fun. {{Check out other years here and here}} While it's becoming increasingly more difficult to get tickets {eye roll / stress face} I will continue to try my best, bc I know it's really ALL he wants to do for his birthday.
highlights --- Elle King Surprise, free beer, no rain, RAD vendors, love, Nikki Lane Sighting, M.Ward giggles, willie going strong !

taco cake !

On his actual birthday we had TACOS and hung out on the BOAT... two other favorite activities. I also made him wear fancy-kind of matching-silly boat shirts. I think he enjoyed it all !! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MY LOVE... I'LL ALWAYS LOVE YOUR BIRTHDAY BECAUSE I LOVE YOUUUUUUU !!! 
Cheers to many more. {tacos, too} 


Taylor Sue

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