Sunday, September 10, 2017

Tays Last Hooray !!!!!

things got a lil' bit cray crayyyyy for tay tayyyy ~
peace out single life !!!!

This post makes me REALLY happy. One of the BEST weekends of my life. My bachelorette party with all my favorite ladies... there... for meeeeee ! I feel so damn special, and spoiled, and lucky... and hungover. It was amazing. We stayed at a friends beautiful lake house for the weekend, got some sunshine, drank large amounts of alcohol, took a limo out in SM like the college days and laughed a lot. THANK YOU, FRIENDS. love y'all so much.


tootles, Taylor Sue

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Checkin' In !

Hey, Friends !! Long time no {internet} talk. We've been planning a dang wedding. So, that's time consuminggg. There's also be A LOT of jewelry making and some family loss. Those pretty sunflowers above are in honor of my wonderful Gram. SO pretty.

So, just wanted to say hey… All is good. And i'll leave ya with some pretty jewels.
ps. i freaking love that this fossilized coral looks like sunflowers. heart eyessssssss.

Tootles for now…
Taylor Sue